Matte Magic             Magic numbers and life Coaching
They are a expected numbers to support your life


My name is Marianne de Reynoso, I am Mexican and live in Germany.
The page I present is about a numerical and geometric gift that speaks of professional help in your life. The numbers are the foundation of all that exists and the constitution of one's life, they help me to distinguish between two and seven octaves of the scale in life that gives the movements in everything and everything that is there. The numbers present themselves to me mentally and are the ones I use at the same time for their problems. And these are the ones we all know together with some symbols that help me to work for you! This does not replace a doctor or therapist of his personal life.
The scope of this system was gradually tested with different people in the life of my work, with real successes and progress in everything that was required of me.
Training and maintenance in people's lives are common and characterized by living a life of greater security and support in their own lives and in their already acquired knowledge.
According to the numerical standards, they achieve a correspondence between a point and a fundamental problem that is emphasized by what they have done in the following number and their ability to act for knowledge. The numbers are not magical foundations in themselves, but in the magic of existing under a being who has done everything for us.

The properties of my numbers are the following:
Authentically integral.
Ancestors of the authenticity of their creation for creation in their criteria base to do everything
Coach and coach
Manifestators and progress towards a new life.
They do not stop in time or are spontaneous, but precursors of the life we ​​all want to take, but in everything they participated in with the Creator.
Satisfy all lives from its beginning to the end we all came (death) to follow their own numbers with 14 semblanzas they are,
1.The life of him and his children after the established.
2. Love and loved for the life of their children.
3. Be part of an eternal love for the life of eternity and its knowledge for its truth.
4. Base of everything we are and your life project with your own numbering.
5. Terms and terminologies of your life with him.
6. Capacity for integration into a new life.
7. Equal proportions between the two for the outgoing love and wait.
8. The frequency of seeing them remotely in a situation of religious integration.
9.Projects of your own life.
10. Participation in your services
11. Authenticity of your company for the life we ​​have
12. Go to him.
13. See us in the truth of life
14. To recognize oneself as brothers

The exact number of life is the last that closes and is the door to life with him and his eternity
because ..?
because there are not more than 4 children in two ways.
Live, authenticate that there was loneliness and majesty in the future life.
The triumph of those who came to fight for the future of their children, to belong to their own lives in the fight against evil
Number one is my project in this life.
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The beginnings I had in this project evolved with my age and with the evolution of a life system of my own, which I devote for many years to the family work of an environmental consultant who is now also a Quality Systems Certification Body. but now I have the opportunity to do this work with no problem of time and adjustments to my person. Quality in the times and ways to do my job, which are derived from 7 basic aspects of my person.
Age 60 years.
Lightness of the word.
Integration into the societies without problem of emotional adjustments of mine.
Quality of my life in my knowledge every day in studies and in the participation of achievements in all senses.